Friday, 5 April 2013

How to remove Banned IP from the Cpanel Cphulkd and from the WHMCS


 some times your IP got banned on cpanel or WHMCS  due to invalid login attempts . Usually if you type the the username and password incorrectly for more than 3 times then then your IP will get blocked on CPhulkd Database.

Same is the case with WHMCS. IP will get blocked on the table named tblbannedips on the WHMCS databases.

To unblock the IP please doe the following steps .

For Cphulkd

Login to mysql on the server as root user  and connect to the cphulkd database.

mysql> use cphulkd;

You will now connect to database cphulkd. Now type in sql query
just to confirm if your IP is really blocked there.
mysql> SELECT * FROM `brutes` WHERE `IP`=’x.x.x.x’;

It will list your IP if it got blocked . The next step is to unblock the IP using the below command.

mysql> DELETE FROM `brutes` WHERE `IP`=’x.x.x.x’;
once it done quit the mysql by typing
mysql> quit
In this way your IP will be removed from brute force

For whmcs identify the database used by whmcs appication.

Then select the database from mysql

mysql> use example_whmcs
Issue the command

select * from `tblbannedips` WHERE `IP`=’x.x.x.x’;

It will list your IP.

Then remove the IP using the command as below

DELETE  FROM  tblbannedips WHERE  ip='x.x.x.x.';

Then  you will be able to access your WHMCS


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