Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sungrid Engine client Installation Centos


 Oracle Sungrid engine is mainly used for clustering, in which user can submit jobs on the machines on the cluster.

There will be a master node , submit node and then slave machines in which jobs are submitted.

Below is the steps to install sungrid engine client on the machines. In this scenario master is already installed on the cluster. Here we will install and configure a machine as slave on that cluster.

yum -y install binutils csh java ksh libXpm openmotif22 tcl
yum --enablerepo=epel install gridengine gridengine-qmaster gridengine-execd gridengine-qmon gridengine-devel

cd /usr/share/gridengine/
./inst_sge -x -m

just proceed with the installation.

When the grid engine is installed , there will be two directories in which grid

 engine data is found.

 One is /usr/share/gridengine = $SGE_ROOT

in which all configuration files resides

another configuration root is $SGE_CELL which is named as default/common directory

 inside the $SGE_ROOT derectory

 source /usr/share/gridengine/default/common/

chkconfig --level 35 sge_execd on
chkconfig --level 35 sgemaster on
qconf -as `hostname`
qconf -msconf

Now you have to make sure that the machine must need  a hostname. Set it in

/etc/sysconfig/network.Then add the hostname in DNS so that hostname is pinging

from any where especially from the master node.

now go to

cd /usr/share/gridengine/defaults/common

Edit the configuration file act_qmaster.

vi act_qmaster

add the hostmame of the master node here.

suppose say the hostname of master

and hostname of the new node we are creating is

Now ssh into the master node

run the command qconf -shgrpl

this command will show the list of available host ques.

the queues will be lised as




now you need to add the new machine to any of the queue on the master node.

using the command qconf -mhgrp @queue1

  a new text file will open and you need to add the hostname of the new machine

( to it

save the file in VI.

Now you need to add the machine as submit host and administrative host to run the

 jobs in them

so use the command

qconf -ah

qconf -as

now exit from the master node and ssh again into the new slave node.

go to directory /usr/share/gridengine

run the command ./install_execd

type in yes when prompted.

This will install the slave node and will add it to the master node.

after the installation is finished.

Please start the service /etc/init,d/sge_execd

and then run the command qstat -f

if every thing is correct , this command will list all the available nodes

on the grid.



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