Thursday, 26 September 2013

steps to Migrate Amazon Cloud Machines from one VPC to Another


Recently I had some tasks to migrate the amazon Cloud Machines from one VPC with range 10.13.x.x to Another VPC with IP Range 10.15.x.x.

1) Neet to migrate the machines from VPC 10.15.x.x to 10.13.x.x VPC


a)We need to create AMI of the machines that need to be migrated and then need to create another machine on the subnet range 10.15.x.x from that AMI.

Please go through the link " for creating AMI of a machine.

2) The machines had two subnets in each region(us-east-zone 1a and us-east-zone- There are additional volumes attached with the machines which also need to migrated to the new VPC.We cannot detach the volume and attach it from one region to another.only it is possible on the same region.


So we need to create machine on the same region as that of the machine to be migrated, so that we can detach volume and attach it to the new machine easily

Below are the steps for detaching and attaching the volume on the AWS machine

a)First note down the volume ID of  extra volumes attached with the machines . You will get the volume ID by clicking on the instance name and checking the description tab below it.

b) Stop the running machine.
c)Detach the volume from the respective machine and then attach it to the new machine.

Issues faced
 On linux machines , some machines got hanged , as it fail to  detect the extra volume on the new machine as mentioned in the /etc/fstab. 


For this we need to do the following steps

a)Stop the machine
b)Detach the root volume (/dev/sda1 from it)
c)attach it to another running linux instance and mount it some where
d)then go to that mount and edit the etc/fstab there and remove the entries for that additional mounted volume
e)unmount the volume and detach it from that instance in the AWS console
f)Attach it again as root device for the earlier machine (/dev/sda1)

This time it will boot up properly. Then we can attach that extra volume of the old machine to the new one as I explained above.



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