Thursday, 27 February 2014

ImageMagic Installation in plesk Centos


Below is the steps to install ImageMagic on  plesk server.

1)Install ImageMagic using yum

yum install ImageMagic

2)Also Install ImageMagic-devel package

yum install ImageMagick-devel

3)For compiling ImageMagic with php, we need the package called php-pear

yum install php-pear

4)Now compile ImageMagic with php using pecl

pecl install imagick

For the above command to work, server need to have gcc compiler installed.

Some times you will get the error as sh: phpize: command not found

 To fix that error you need to install php5-devel package using the command

yum install php-devel

5)Now the extension module for will be created under the php modules directory usually under /usr/lib/php/modules/

So we need to add the extension to php.ini

find out the location of php.ini on the server using the command

php -i | grep php.ini

default location should be /etc/php.ini

vi /etc/php.ini

open it in a editor and add the following line under “extension_dir” directive

extension = “”

6)Save file and restart apache.

ImageMagic should be installed now.  The path of the convert for the ImageMagic should be /usr/bin/convert.


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