Monday, 24 March 2014

/etc/rc.local not running on the boot


   /etc/rc.local is the file which runs once the system boots up. If we need to run few commands immediately once the system starts up, we can do it by adding those commands in /etc/rc.local.

Last week I faced an issue in which the commands inside the rc.local was not working, once the system boot.  I tried starting and stopping the systems so many times and tried to change the settings of /etc/rc.local, but still it was not working.  Then I read in one of the Centos Forums that it was some issue with the first boot.

In my machine firstboot got hanged and init was not able to execute the content inside /etc/rc.local. Below is the steps to resolve it

check to see if firstboot is still running and kill it:

ps ax |grep firstboot
killall firstboot

This will kill the first boot .

Then switch the firstboot permenantly using chkconfig

chkconfig firstboot off

The first boot issue was caused by some of the software installations which may confuse the firstboot.


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