Tuesday, 17 February 2015

sasl login authentication failed authentication failure postfix webmin


I faced one of the strange issue in which postfix was unable to send email from the domain users. There was a php mailer script that is sending emails by providing the smtp details(username, password and hostname of smtp server) to the phpmailer configuration file. But unfortunately the authentication was not working and so emails are not going from the code. Below is the steps to fix the issue.

1)First Check the log /var/log/maillog. I found the error as

postfix/smtpd[13573]: warning: localhost[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure

2)The postfix is using the saslauth authentication method. Theconfiguration options for starting saslauth with postfix is configured on the file


Open the configuration file and in the option field there will be a variable "r" is given

Remove that option and set it as OPTIONS=""
There is no need for r in that .Below is the description for r.
 -r      Combine the realm with the login (with an '@' sign in between).
             e.g.  login: "foo" realm: "bar" will get passed as login:
             "foo@bar".  Note that the realm will still be passed, which may
             lead to unexpected behavior. 

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