Saturday, 21 March 2015

Steps to Route email through another server in Exim Cpanel

Hi All,

Below is the steps to route the email for all of the domains through another server. The MTA should need to authenticate on to the the relay server inorder to send emails.

On Cpanel Go to

Main > Service Configuration > Exim Configuration Editor, click on the Advanced Editor button, and enter the following in Section:AUTH:
begin authenticators

 driver = plaintext
 public_name = LOGIN
 client_send = : ServerNameUsername : ServerNamePassword

on the section client_send provide the mail account username and password to authent
 icate to the antoher server.

Then add the following route in the Section: ROUTERSTART configuration box as shown in the following image:
driver = manualroute
domains = ! +local_domains
transport = ServerName_smtp
hosts_randomize = true
route_list = * randomize byname
host_find_failed = defer


Add the following transport to the Section: TRANSPORTSTART configuration box as shown in the following image:
driver = smtp
hosts_require_auth = *
tls_tempfail_tryclear = true
headers_add = X-AuthUser: ${if match {$authenticated_id}{.*@.*}\
{$authenticated_id} {${if match {$authenticated_id}{.+}\
That's it

Now you will be able to send emails in exim accounts through another server.

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